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Road Traffic Accident – UK & Europe

Remember Passengers, Cyclists, Motorcyclists and Pedestrians can Claim too! 

Unfortunately, anyone can get into a road traffic accident: even the most careful driver or a extremely cautious pedestrian. Start your claim

IMAGEO2Injuries caused by road traffic accident may vary from smallest bruises to fractions requiring serious surgeries. It is easy to get confused when it is the first time you have an accident.

However, to make your claim successful you will need to be focused. We would kindly advice you to read the main rules that our specialists recommend to follow.

Four main rules to be followed in the case of the road traffic accident:

  1. Take a photograph of the accident. Almost all mobile phones have a camera installed which would be good enough to take pictures of the damages of the vehicle right after the accident.
  2. Take the Third Party details.
  3. Find witnesses. Ask for the contact details of the pedestrians who might have seen the accident. Witness statement can speed up the procedure of the claim significantly.
  4. Please see a doctor. Even if your injuries are not visible, make sure that you get checked by a doctor. Moreover, it gives you a piece of mind and all medical records may be used as evidence which can speed up the claim process significantly.

Most importantly:

Do not sign any documents at the place of the accident, even if you think that you were liable for the accident and do not try to resolve the situation at the scene.

Do not leave the place of the accident whether it was your fault or not.

Commonly, people get whiplash due to the road traffic accident. Even injuries caused by the collision of the vehicles that were going at low speed can last for over a year. People are likely to pick up lower back pain even after minor accidents.

Accident victims often may ignore strong pain or not notice the fracture of the bone due to stress. Moreover, they often do not notice the psychological effects, which sometimes may be even more complicated than physical.

Do not forget, the insurance company is responsible for covering expenses related to your vehicle damages. However, they might not be interested in your personal injury compensation. EastNet Claims will take care of both your personal injury claim and your vehicle (will provide courtesy car or recovery if needed) until your vehicle will be repaired.

If you decide to co-operate with us, we will send our engineers to assess the damage of your vehicle.
Amount of the compensation depends on many factors such as severity of the injury, age and location of the passengers in the vehicle.

If you are not sure whether you are entitled to compensation please call us on 020 8577 0600 for free no obligation consultation.