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Criminal Injuries Claims

If you were assaulted on the street or in the night club, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.
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muzlan2In these circumstances you should apply to CICA — Criminal Injury Compensation Authority, which is a governmental institution that designates the compensation for the injuries caused by the criminal assault.

However, if you have no time to deal with the case on your own, have a language barrier, or generally do not think that you would manage to go through it alone, you can instruct EastNet Claims to be your official representative.

Call EastNet Claims for a free consultation on 020 8577 0600 and our advisers will guide you through the costs of the service (note that amount will be deducted from the compensation, you will not need to pay anything extra).

Amount of the compensation depends on many factors. Please see the main rules that will guide you through the claim below.

Three main rules to be followed in the case of the criminal injury:

  1. Take a photograph of the place where the accident happened. Almost all mobile phones have a camera installed. It will be necessary to take a photograph of the accident place, the cause of the accident and your injury.
  2. Find witnesses. Ask for the contact details of the people who might have seen the crime. Witness statement can speed up the procedure of the claim significantly. Call local authorities and get a Police to take records.
  3. Please see a doctor. Even if your injuries are not visible, make sure that you get checked by a doctor. Moreover, all medical records may be used as evidence which can speed up the claim process significantly.