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Accident At Work

In the UK the rules of Health and Safety are of a great importance.

In accordance with the law, employer is responsible for everything that happens to you at work. If you have been injured due to your employer’s negligence within the last 3 Years, you may be entitled for compensation. Start your claim

A safe working environment is not a privilege, but the right of everyone.

muzlanEvery employer must ensure that the risk of an accident at work is at minimum. This means employers must make you aware of the Health and Safety hazards and comply with the rules and regulations. This includes giving supervision where necessary, training employees on how to avoid risks, testing machines regularly, providing adequate safety equipment and references to hazards, entrances and exits.

Often when you are injured at work, you ignore it and continue to work as if nothing happened. You should not forget that you are entitled to a sick note and leave of 7 days due to the injury and also to compensation, which is covered by the insurance policy of your employer. This leave may be extended if the injury is severe. It does not matter whether you are directly employed or work as self-employed for a bigger company. The employer is always responsible for your safety at work.

Is your Job at risk?

Many people worry what will happen if they claim against their employer. They worry that they will be treated differently or dismissed if they claim. Fortunately, your job is not in jeopardy, it is against the law for an employer to unfairly dismiss you without a probable cause.

Here are a few steps, which will help you get through and Injury at Work:

  1. Firstly, make sure that your accident is recorded in the accident book which is mandatory in each company. If there is no such possibility, just write a letter to your employer stating details of the accident with your signature and date.
  2. Secondly, take a photograph of the place where the accident happened. Almost all mobile phones have a camera installed. It will be necessary to take a photograph of the accident place, the cause of the accident and your injury.
  3. Thirdly, find witnesses. They are likely to be fellow colleagues or clients. Ask for their contact details, as they will be able to provide evidence in support of your claim.
  4. Finally, please go see a doctor. It gives you a piece of mind and vital evidence to support your claim of injury and a doctor note supporting your time off work.

If you are not sure whether you are entitled to compensation please call us on 020 8577 0600 for free no obligation consultation.